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First Presbyterian Church Records, Clarksville, Montgomery County, Reel #1 [1822-1922], MF #401, Image #005.



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May 9, 1835 The members of the church met at the residence of Mr. Reynold and elected Mr. Jno McKeage and John H. Henton Elders. Mr. & Mrs. McKeage having been previously received as members of the church by letters of recommendation and dismissal from the Frist Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia. C. Parish Clk.

May 16, 1835 The Lord’s supper was administered and Mr. John McKeage & John H. Henton were ordained as Elders. The Revd W. D. Jones of Hopkinsville presiding. The Revd W. S. Stone agent for Foreign Missionry was present & received as contribution $18.00 -------C. Parish Clk Oct 25th I baptized at Col Patterson’s residence at Washington Furnace James H. Corsey, Joseph M. Corsey sons of Mr. & Mrs. Corsey the latter being a member of the Presbyterian Church. -----Nov 8th Mrs. King died --------Revd C. Parish Clk Nov 15th, 1835 A sacramental meeting was held in the Presbyterian Church in Clarksville. Bro Wallace being present. Session of the church was constituted on Sab morning at Mr. Reynold. The case of Mrs. Martin member of the church came up and it was determined that Revd C. Parish and John McKeage Elders would visit Mrs. Martin and endeavor to induce her to ______________ a life becoming the gospel which she professed. Revd C. Parish Clk Nov 17, 1835 Col _______ Olsby visited Clarksville and obtained about $40 for his church at Washington D. C. ---------------- In the year 1835 a subscription was made up by the citizens of Clarksville amounting to about $2300 for the purpose of building a Presbyterian Church in Clarksville. The basement story of which is appropriated to the purpose of a female academy land given ____ by Mr. & Mrs.Reynolds. Attester C. Parish

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